Put together the pieces

If you produce AM hardware and materials, or provide AM services, our analysts can help you identify the key adoption segments for each technology and product. Leveraging our database and ongoing market research, we quantify and forecast the next multi-billion dollar adoption segment

Make sense of the data

By leveraging our latest market research on core additive manufacturing industry and key adoption segments, we can help companies identify the highest growth market opportunities. By identifying the most in-demand technologies, key materials and profitable applications, our clients are able to inform strategic decisions on how and where to enter the market.

Accelerate decision-making

Additive manufacturing is now ripe for adoption in every key segment of manufacturing. If you are looking to add AM in your current workflow, we can help you rapidly and accurately identify the most suitable technologies and materials to gain a key competitive advantage.

Cut through the noise

Whether you’re an AM company looking to grow or an investor looking for the next disruptive opportunity, schedule a consultancy session with our team and let us help you navigate the market