Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with AM industry leaders—decision-makers, innovators and pioneers. In our exclusive interviews we share their vision and strategy—where they see the industry going and what are the main challenges we face.

Case Studies

Decision makers are constantly looking to understand the business potential of new technologies and applications. Our case studies highlight practical applications in a tangible way—combining the technical specifics with the wider business implications.


Published monthly, our exclusive eBooks are carefully curated to provide you with valuable insights on key additive manufacturing segments—from aerospace to dental, from construction to service bureaus. And they’re completely free—no form to fill out, just insights.


With busy schedules, on-demand webinars are a perfect way to deepen your knowledge whenever you have the time. Watch or just listen, and learn more from experts across segments about the most pertinent questions facing our industry.

AM Stocks

Tracking publicly traded additive manufacturing companies, including non-pure player firms (such as HP, GE and BASF) as well adopters that have made significant investments in developing AM. Tracked by major indexes including Nasdaq/NYSE in the US, Xetra in Germany and Euronext in France.